If you are planning to get clear braces, here is some information on regular braces and pain:

    1.    Starting with Braces

Braces are attached on the teeth to fix its position. The wires and brackets put continuous pressure on the teeth so it can shift to the right place. People with underbites and overbites also wear braces.

    2.    Side-Effects of Braces

There is no doubt that braces are painful. The constant pressure on the teeth is excruciating for many. This pressures cause pain and discomfort in the jaw area and can even cause the cheeks to swell a bit. In case there are any poking or loose wires, it can scrape your gums and even your lips.

    3.    Pain Management

The best thing to manage your braces and pain is to always go to your appointments. Your orthodontist will check your braces if there is anything wrong with it or if anything needs adjustment. You also have to follow your dentist’s orders on what food to eat and what not to. Eating the right food can avoid problems with your braces.

    4.    Proper Dental Hygiene

To help avoid braces and pain, you must practice proper dental hygiene. Brush, floss and gum stimulator after meals to ensure that there is no food debris around your brackets and bands. A dirty mouth can be a breeding ground for mouth bacteria.

Braces and pain cannot be separated from one another but the pain can be alleviated. Take the prevention measures and follow your dentist’s advice. You’ll never go wrong with being diligent.